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Sales Process:

How Can I Improve My Homes Value? • How Do I Make A Home Ready To Sell? • How Should I Prepare For Internet Showing? • How Should I Prepare The Inside For An Open House? • How Should I Prepare The Outside For An Open House? • How Do I Evaluate An Offer? • What Is A Counter-Offer? • What Does The Closing Meeting Involve For The Seller? • What Does The Closing Process Involve When I Sell? • For Sale By Owner?

Going to Market:

When Should I Sell? • 6 Home-Selling Mistakes • How Do I Select a Broker? • What Details Can I Ask Brokers In Advance? • How Do I Calculate My Price? • How Do I Set The Price On My House? • Which Square Footage Figure Should I Use? • How Is A Home Marketed?


How Do I Determine The Initial Offer? • How Do I Make An Offer? • What Is Earnest Money, And How Much Should I Set Aside? • What Is An Inspection Clause? • What Does A Home Inspector Do?? • Do I Need To Be There For The Inspection? • Do I Really Need Homeowners Insurance? • What Steps Could I Take To Lower My Homeowners Insurance Costs? • Are Power Lines A Health Hazard? • How Can I Protect My Family From Lead In The Home? • What About A Home Located In A Flood Plain? • What Are Home Warranties, And Should I Consider Them? • What Should I Look For In The Final Walkthrough?

New Homes

What Are Builders Incentives? • What Is A Decorating Allowance? • Is A Builders' Preferred Lender The Best Choice? • What Is The Punch List? • What Is A Construction Perm Loan? • What Is A Rate Lock? • Production vs Custom Builders - What's The Difference? • Should I Have An Agent Or New-Home Cobroker For A New-Home Purchase? • Should I Have A Attorney Review A New-Home Purchase Contract? • How Can I Compare Builders?


What Is A Mortgage? • What Is A Qualified Mortgage? • What Is Loan To Value (LTV) And How Does It Affect The Size Of My Loan? • How Large A Down Payment Do I Need? • What Does Ability To Repay Mean? • Are There Special Mortgages For First-Time Homebuyers? • What Types Of Mortgage Loans Are Available? • When Do Adjustable Rate Mortgages Make Sense? • How Does The Interest Rate Factor In Securing A Mortgage Loan? • What Happens If Interest Rates Decrease And I Have A Fixed Rate Loan? • What Are The Advantages Of 15- And 30-Year Fixed-Rate Mortgages? • What Factors Affect Mortgage Payments? • What Is Included In A Monthly Mortgage Payment? • What Are Discount Points? • What Is Mortgage Insurance? • What Is PMI? • What Is Prime • What Is Equity • Can I Pay Off My Loan Ahead Of Schedule? • What Should I Do If I Fall Behind On A Conventional Loan?


What Steps Need To Be Taken To Secure A Loan? • What Is The Debt-To-Income Ratio (DTI)? • How Are Pre-Qualifying And Pre-Approval Different? • Are Any Lenders Exempt From Ability-To-Repay Rules? • What Responsibilities Do I Have During The Lending Process? • What Happens After I've Applied For My Loan? • How Do I Choose The Right Lender For Me? • How Do I Choose The Best Loan Program For Me? • What Is The Best Way To Compare Loan Terms Between Lenders? • What Are The Cost or Fees For Loan Origination? • What Is A Good Faith Estimate? • What Is RESPA? • What’s An Appraisal? • Can I Remove PMI From My Loan?


What Is A Credit Bureau Score And How Do Lenders Use Them? • How Can I Find Out Information About My Credit History? • How Can I Improve My Credit Score? • What If I Find A Mistake In My Credit History?

Title and Closing:

What Is An Escrow Account? Do I Need One? • Closing Costs Explained Visually • Title Insurance Explained Visually • What Are Real Estate Commissions • What Happens On Closing Day? • What Do I Get At Closing? • What Makes Up Closing Costs?

Federal Programs:

How Can The FHA Assist Me In Buying A Home? • What Are The Steps In FHA Loans? • How Does My Credit History Impact FHA Qualification? • What Is The Debt-To-Income Ratio For FHA Loans? • Are FHA Loans Assumable? • How Can I Receive A Discount On The FHA Mortgage Insurance Premium? • What Is The FHA Loan Limit? • What Qualifies As Income For FHA? • What Should I Do If I Fall Behind On An FHA Loan? • What Are Closing Costs For FHA Loans? • What are 203(b) and 203(k) FHA Loans? • What Is HUD? • How Does HUD Help Homebuyers?

VA Loans

What Are VA Home Loans? • What Are The Major Types Of VA Loans? • What Is A Certificate of Eligibility? • Who Is Exempt From The VA Funding Fee? • What Are Joint VA Loans? • Does My Military Discharge Affect VA Loan Eligibility? • Can I Use My VA Eligibility More Than Once? • Can I Buy A Rental Property With A VA Loan? • Can I Buy A Farm With a VA Loan? • How Does Divorce Affect VA Loan Re-Eligibility?


How Can I Determine My Housing Needs Before I Begin The Search? • How Do I Begin The Process Of Buying A Home? • How Do I Know If Im Ready To Buy A Home? • How Do Lenders Decide The Maximum Loan Amount That Buyers Can Afford? • How Does Purchasing A Home Compare With Renting? • Do I Need A Lawyer To Buy A Home? • Why Use a REALTOR®?


What Should I Look For When Deciding On A Community? • How Can I Find Out About Schools and Community Resources? • What Should I Look For When Walking Through A Home? • How Can I Keep Track Of All The Homes I See? • What Questions Should I Ask When Looking At Homes? • Is An Older Home A Better Value Than A New One? • What Should I Do If Im Feeling Excluded From Certain Neighborhoods? • How Can I Find Information On The Property Tax Liability? • What Other Issues Should I Consider Before I Buy My Home?